Smart Pop Media specializes in helping individuals & small businesses establish a professional presence on the web.

Web Design

First impressions count! Prospective clients will form their first impression of you based on your website. You need a website that looks professional: up-to-date, informative & organized.

Smart Pop Media Long Beach Website Designer and Portrait Photographer


In today’s visually-focused culture, strong photo & video content makes all the difference. Smart Pop provides professional-grade photography services for your new business or organization.

Smart Pop Media Web Marketing Consultant Long Beach, CA


From web banners & business cards to postcards & flyers – your marketing material should be uniformly professional yet carry with it your specific brand feel & look. You want your second and third impressions to be as strong as your first!

Smart Pop Media Social Media Consultant Long Beach, CA

Social Media

A strong web presence includes utilizing relevant social media platforms. Smart Pop will help you set up your Yelp page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog and more.

First Impressions Count! Did you know...

94% of users’ first impressions are design related.

75% of users admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based on their website design.

50 milliseconds (.05 seconds!) is all it takes for users to form an opinion on your website.

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