My name is Mia and I’m the person behind the curtain here at Smart Pop Media. As a creative professional, I specialize in helping small businesses & organizations establish an awesome first impression on the world wide web by providing market-ready mobile-optimized websites, copywriting & editing, graphic services, brand identity & marketing consulting.

Other than creating content for fellow entrepreneurs, I’m an avid lover of the outdoors and enjoy hiking, camping and hanging at the beach to catch the sunset.

What I Bring

When I work with clients, I do my very best to bring the following:

Basketball Skills


Over many years of freelancing, I’ve acquired experience in the following:

Branding Identity & Strategy

In the internet age, branding identity & strategy is more important than ever. Unprecedented access to multiple companies that offer similar services can be overwhelming for the modern-day customer. Your business needs a strong brand voice & identity to help you stand out from the crowd. Let me help you sort through your ideas, clarify your vision and settle your heart on a company brand built on a strong foundation that can support future growth.

Copywriting & Copy Editing

Words are important! Especially in the age of SEO Keywords and web search, your website and marketing materials should contain copy that represent both your professional intent and brand voice. Through my experience as a web content writer & script-writer, I’ve fine-tuned my skill for writing copy that’s relevant, to the point and accessible to your target demographic. Skills: Copywriting, Copy Editing, Scriptwriting, Caption Writing.

Social Media Strategy

In my years as an independent artist & freelancer supporting small businesses, I’ve developed a strong sense of each platform in terms of which social media outlets are best for your business. Not all platforms serve all businesses. I’m passionate about setting your company up with the RIGHT platforms and consulting on how you can most effectively promote and express the heart of your company through them.

Photography & Video

With Instagram and Youtube being two of the leading social media platforms, photo and video content are a powerful avenue businesses can take to engage more deeply with their customers. Skills: Commercial Photography, Portrait and Headshot Photography, Photo Retouching, Video Production & Video Editing.

Web Design

Back before websites were customized using pre-made templates and themes we used to hand-code everything! I fondly recall searching my HTML markup looking for the missing “/” or “<" needed to make it all work. I now specialize in WordPress implementation but also provide HTML sites for clients who are looking for a no-frills solution for their online needs. Skills: HTML, CSS, WordPress Implementation.

Graphic Design

When freelancing with web clients, they would often ask if I could whip up some business cards or a postcard to match the branding of their new website. Voila! My Graphic Design skills were then honed through a sincere desire to have all my client’s material… MATCH! Branding is so important and nothing fills me with more glee than a client with business cards, postcards and logos that match their website. Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, Business Cards, Postcards, Posters, EDDM Mailers, Web Banners, Icons, Logos, T-Shirts, etc.